Car Dealers

If there was ever and industry and a means of advertising that were meant for each other …it has got to be this one!

Car Dealers have “two” methods of utilizing this service that is not just low cost, but thorough, flexible and will pay for the service with a single sale!


Whether you have 10 cars on your lot or a thousand, do you maintain a sales force resident on the lot 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year? Of course not! However, with this service, now you can!

You know that many customers wander through your lot looking at vehicles when you’re not there. Have you ever wondered if these customers then wandered through the lot of you competition and bought from them? You’ve likely also said to yourself, “If I’d only been able to talk to that customer, they would have bought from me”!

Well not anymore! Before the prospective buyer can go around the block, you can have their name and phone number …and begin a dialog with them leading to your next sale.

Let us show you how you can have a sales person “always” there to answer all the questions a customer may have about “any” car on your lot.


Do you have a “garage” where you perform service on cars? Whether it be oil changes, alignments, new tires …whatever “service” or “parts” needed on a vehicle …if you do these things, and you utilize this service, not only will you increase your overall business efficiency …but you should not ever have another slow day where every time slot is not filled! The opportunities you will have for increased “service” and “parts” sales are nearly limitless!

If you’re looking to move inventory, or fill holes on slow days, “youtextit” can help you do just that! Let us show you how!