How to videos

Below you’ll find a series of videos. These videos will help with everything from scheduling a blast message to setting up a mobile website.

Creating Campaigns

Websites and Social Media Tools

Contact Manager – Appointment Reminders

Groups and Members

Creating Campaigns

Create a Keyword

Scheduling a Blast Message

Create a Redeemable Coupon

How to Create a Voting – Polling Campaign

How to Create an Auto Responder

How to Create a Trivia Campaign

How to Create a Text2Win Campaign

How to Create a Text2Screen Campaign

How to Create a Keyword Coupon

How to Capture Comments with Keywords and Text2Pledge

How to Create a Virtual Business Card

Keyword Campaign – Email Capture

Websites and Social Media Tools

How to Create a Website Sign-up Form

How to Build a Mobile Website

Custom CSS for Mobile Websites

How to Create QR Codes

Social Media Posting for Facebook and Twitter

Contact Manager – Appointment Reminders

How to Create Appointment Reminders in the Contact Manager

Scheduling in the Contact Manager

Groups and Members

Learn about Static Groups

Learn about Dynamic Groups

Learn about Combo Groups

Learn How to Upload a CSV File of Permission Based Members