Markets and Uses

Case Study: Text2Win

Contests and Sweepstake campaigns are ideal uses for Text2Win. With this campaign type, a winner is selected when a campaign ends. Special messages are sent to the winner and non-winner participants. Golf Courses and other businesses can use this feature to select winners for a round of golf or dinner.

Case Study: Keyword Campaign

A keyword is used for people to opt-in and an automatic message responder is sent back nearly immediately. As numbers are collected they go into a folder of numbers to be used later for blasts. Blasts are used to reach out to your audience. 97% of those that receive a text message from your campaign open it!

Case Study: Text Appointment Reminders

Don’t let your patients and customers miss their appointment! Reminder your customers of events and appointments using the simple Contact Manager. This tool is used with dentists, doctors, chiropractors, lawyers, and many other professions.

Case Study: Online Giving

There are two ways to do mobile donations. One is called microdonations.  $5 or $10 simply be texting keyword to 72727 Cost per transaction or donation. The other is through a mobile website; We create a mobile site with a donation page.  Someone texts in and gets a text response, the response says, donate to your business via debit or credit card today, click here They click the link and it takes them to a donation page. They fill in the info and credit card info Donation is charged. We charge  per donation after the credit card fees/interchange rates. You don’t need your own merchant account.

Case Study: Blasts

A Blast is a text message sent to a group/groups of people registered through your advertised web widget and campaigns. This message can say anything (ex: reminders, thank you’s, special offer good between 4-8 today only, etc.)


It’s a slow night at the restaurant. Not many reservations and you need to fill some seats. Get into the newest technology by using Mobile Coupons. Send coupons instantly to your audience. Whether they are in venue, on the road or at home – EVERYONE will get your advertisement. No other type of advertising can deliver a return on your investment – instant gratification!

What if you could instantly send out a message to a few hundred of your customers with a special offer coupon or 2 for 1 special? How about 15% off your bill tonight only!

Paper coupons are a thing of the past. Mobile coupons are NOW and the FUTURE. So wait no longer – contact us today! Build new connections on Facebook using our Facebook post scheduler. This feature allows you to create and schedule Facebook posts in advance. It’s a simple way to connect to your Facebook fans right from your mobile dashboard.

For an example text FRIDAYS to 72727.

Bars and Clubs

Text blast events, drink specials, how about in venue trivia? Using mobile marketing for venues like bars and clubs can be exciting, engaging and will increase sales dollars.

VIP promotions and special coupons can be sent to increase business on specific days. Promote 1/2 or free cover for the first 50 that show the text at the door.

Use table toppers, door stickers and band announcements to get the word out about the mobile text VIP club. Do a special promotion and tell those in the club to text into the club tonight and get a free drink or t-shirt.


Nearly all our features can work with religious organizations. Send out alerts to the youth group letting them know about upcoming events. Imagine using our TEXT2SCREEN feature in the church on the big screen. Ask the church followers to text ideas on the vision of the church. This can be private, live updates on the big screen or moderated to the big screen. Find out more call today.

Send out weekly bible verses, donations and prayer requests using the BLAST feature.


Do you ever wonder how many customers drive by a property you have listed, see your sign and ask themselves, “I wonder what that house is like?” Or, “I wonder if we can afford that house?”

Well, you never have to wonder if that happens ever again! With the features of “youtextit”, you will have a sales representative virtually standing next to your sign 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year! Before the prospective buyer can go around the block, you can have their name and phone number …and begin a dialog with them leading to your next sale.
If you’re looking to increase sales, or “get connected” with more potential buyers, “youtextit” can help you do just that! Let us show you how! Send the picture and information about the house right to the prospects phone and get their contact info within 20 seconds!!

Colleges and Schools

One of the very most used features of mobile marketing is used in venues like colleges and schools. Use the Trivia, Voting & Polling and the QR code generator to engage with students and faculty. For instance at the football game, announce that anyone that joins the text club will get scoring updates sent directly to you cell phone. Use the service to blast out school closings, terrorist alerts, meeting cancellations and emergency alerts.

Create a voting campaign and engage the students with mobile marketing. Vote for homecoming queen and king via cell phone. Have the live results sent directly to the cell phones as the voting is happening. Use the phone numbers you collect at football games to increase ticket sales for softball or tennis.


Four color brochures, commercials and newspaper ads are expensive, take a long time to produce and implement …and they are not flexible! Furthermore, your ads go out to thousands, how do you know that your ad is even being viewed? Wouldn’t you feel better about the money you spend on advertising know that your ad is being viewed by 97% of all you send it to?

Would you like to run and “in-store” special, a spot sale, or a deal of the day? You could simply send out a text blast in the morning and have a store full of “eager to buy” customers by the time you open! Check out some info on our mobile coupons feature.

Car Dealers

If you’re looking to move inventory, or fill holes on slow days, “youtextit” can help you do just that!

If there was ever and industry and a means of advertising that were meant for each other …it has got to be this one!

Car Dealers have “two” methods of utilizing this service that is not just low cost, but thorough, flexible and will pay for the service with a single sale!

Emergency Text Alerts

Use mobile texting to announce emergencies within your organization. Imaging 97% of the audience will open your message. The emergency message delivery will take about 10-30 seconds. Set-up emergency alert for weather updates, school lock downs, terrorist alerts, and other types of announcements.

Medical Offices

Nothing worse than having patients miss their appointments because they didn’t get the $.75 post card reminder you mailed them. Are making phone calls and sending the reminders in mail just not working? How about stepping into the new age of technology – set-up text reminders using our mobile software.

Schedule text alerts in advance so that the patient does not forget about the appointment. Set-up the reminder to be sent 1 day, 2 hours, 30 minutes or whatever you choose, right before the patients scheduled appointment. With a couple simple clicks, send text alerts to your patients immediately or schedule them in advance.

Don’t worry you don’t need to create special reminders, we have templates that you can create and easily choose from. These are automated so there’s no tedious typing.

Media TV, Radio, News Papers

We have solutions design specifically for TV, Radio, and News Papers. Sign up text alerts for use on your websites. Send out news alerts for Breaking News, Weather and School Closings. Use your commercials and ads to build a database of numbers, then sell the alerts to your clients by integrating sponsorships in the text blasts.

Increase your sales by using texting as a spiff for selling larger media packages. Offer sponsorships to your clients using your Break News text alerts. If you TV, Radio or News Paper is still trying to use email to connect with a large scale audience – you should seriously consider building your mobile text database today. The time to start developing a mobile database was 2010, start now and catch up with the competition or beat the competition before they catch on to this growing method of connecting to your customers.

The mobile market center also comes with a simple mobile website builder. This will allow you to create fancy mobile websites in minutes. Information pages, photo galleries, contact forms, video pages, and more.

Health Clubs and Gyms

Health clubs and gyms can always use NEW members right? Well mobile marketing can produce more members and engage with the existing than any other type of media. Advertise mobile marketing in your club, news letters, websites and commercials to build a mobile database. Now that you built a nice group of number offer special discount memberships, get creative refer a friend and get 1 month free membership. Offer weekly text club winners and give-a-way 1 month free memberships to bring in new faces to your club.

Send video right to your audience cell phone using the video texting. Show off you new remodeling, online workouts and face to face video alerts.