Bars and clubs

Do you ever have a slow day or evening coming-up when the reservations just aren’t there?

Do you want to promote an upcoming date where a special attraction is coming to your business like a new band or performer?

Do you want to promote a drink or food special?

Do you want to promote a Holiday Party, Tailgate Party, Trivia Night or other special occasion?

Would you like to hold special events or “contests” to attract customers?

Are you interested in what your customers think about you? How about a survey?

Are you typically busy and simply want to send out a reservation reminder so tables do not go unused and servers/kitchen/bar tenders/staff you’ve planned for go underutilized for that day?

Do you have a typical day of the week that is customarily slow?

Would you like to let people know what the specials or features are for the day, week or month?

Would you like to have a “Lady’s Day”, “Senior Citizens Day”, etc …?

Would you like to send out special announcements for your customer’s birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, inviting them to come to your store to celebrate?

Would you like to offer these special customers a special price to help them celebrate?

Are you frustrated with the idea that in order to promote a “special” or make an announcement about your business – that you need to wait for radio, television or newspapers to produce and run you ads? And frustrated that such an ad can cost you such a significant amount of money?!!!

Along with the “text” you send out, make it known that the text is sponsored by ??? (one of your suppliers). The supplier will likely pay for it!