Colleges and schools

Do you want to promote an upcoming date where a special event or attraction is coming to your school?

Do you want to promote the upcoming big game, concert, play, etc …?

As an added feature that is intended to keep your audience/students/fans interested …would you like to send out game statistics, upcoming schedules, etc?

Do you want to let students/teachers/staff know of snow days or delays, classes being cancelled or buses running late?

Would you like to let your students know of the classes being offered next semester …or next year?

Do you want to let students know what is being served in the cafeteria that day or that week?

Do you want to let students know of an upcoming holiday or “day off” or other special occasion that will affect their schedule?

Is there and occasion where you may have an emergency or special announcements that you want to get to the students immediately?

Would you like to hold special events or “contests” to keep your students/teachers and staff engaged with the activities and interests of your school?

Are you interested in what your students/teachers/staff think about you? How about a survey?

Would you like to send out special announcements for your students/teachers/staff birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions?