Media TV, Radio, Newspapers

Would you like to offer your current and future customers a “spiff” or and “enhancement” to the products you’re already offering? Something that will help them even more effectively and efficiently reach more of their customers?

Do you want to promote an upcoming date where a special attraction is coming to your station or organization?

Do you want to promote a Holiday Party or other special occasion?

Would you like to hold special events or “contests” to attract customers and consumers?

Are you interested in what your customers think about you? How about a survey?

Would you like to let people know what the specials or features are for the day, week or month?

Would your clientele be interested in any new equipment or features you may be bringing in and offering?

Would you like to send out special announcements for your customer’s birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, inviting them to come to your store to celebrate?

Along with the “text” you send out, make it known that the text is sponsored by “a local business”.

  • A daily weather report sponsored by ….???
  • A news flash sponsored by …???
  • A sports score sponsored by …???
  • And many more …


Let “youtextit” answer these and many more of your questions. We can put you on the path to reduced costs, efficiency, profitability and growth for your organization!