Medical offices

Do you ever have a slow day when appointments just aren’t there?

Are you typically busy and simply want to send out an appointment reminder so valuable appointment times do not go unused and doctors/staff you’ve planned for go underutilized for that day?

Do you ever have the occasion to let your patients know that their appointment needs to be postponed or the time changed?

Do you have a typical day of the week that is customarily slow?

If you were a dentist, would you like to let people know specials are for teeth cleaning or whitening?

A Chiropractor could offer specials for “adjustments”?

If you had a practice where you’d like to remind you patients that it is time to schedule their annual physical. And much more!

Are you interested in what your patients think about you? How about a survey?

Would you like to send out special announcements for your patient’s birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions, inviting them to come to your office to celebrate?