Voting and Polling

A Voting or Polling message requests that a user provide feedback or reply with a choice of several options. Once users reply with their responses, they can then be further targeted with follow up messages by segmenting them into groups. This enables you to create all types of fun and engaging SMS votes and polls. As people vote via text messaging, every vote is categorized and automatically shown in reports so that it’s really easy for you to see and analyze the results. In addition a check box can be enable which will automatically return the current results to the people voting. Mobile marketing features are our game!

Data gathering records every vote and reply message, and every mobile number that participates in the vote is captured in your mobile dashboard database so that you can also text the voters in the future. The results are captured real time and accurate to every vote.



Use the Trivia feature to engage with audiences at high schools, colleges, churches and so on. This feature will allow you to create a series of questions, respond with feedback and correct answers. Use the winner / loser  “threshold” feature to return a final message after the completion of the Trivia contest. Send mobile coupons and use sponsorships as a way to increase revenue from the contest.



Picture MMS

Expand the traditional SMS (Short Message Service) text with MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service). With MMS capability you can send picture messages to your audience via text blasts and keyword response messages. For an example text ND to 72727.


Video texting

Send text messages and use links to videos. It’s simple, just send a blast text message and include a link that will automatically open your videos, YouTube videos, and many more popular formats.


Appointment reminders

Appointment reminders via mobile textings are very inexpensive solution and the most effective way to avoid missed appointments. Unlike missed or annoying phone calls to your workplace, during dinner, or other inconvenient times of the day, text message reminders are very friendly and can be read later. The last thing you want during a meeting is a intrusive phone call telling you about your 9am dentist appointment. That’s why texting appointment reminders is the best way to remind your clients about appointments. Within 30 seconds you can set an appointment in the mobile dashboard. Just pick the person, the date, the time, the canned message or custom and you are done.


Social media Facebook

Using the mobile dashboard, you will find a feature that allows you to schedule Facebook posts. Integrate your mobile marketing campaign into your Facebook posts. What to schedule a Facebook post for next Thursday at 4:12pm? It’s Easy with our integrated solution. Just a few clicks, upload your photos, and schedule the post.


Developer API

Developer API is available for mobile sign-up forms, custom designs for mobile websites, and much more.


Mobile websites

Create a mobile website right within your Mobile Dashboard. The Mobile Dashboard web builder is a very easy to use tool that allows you to create a mobile website. YES, a mobile website in less than 20 minutes. Point and click to add videos, Facebook sign-ups, coupons, beautiful page designs, and upload photo galleries. For a sample text DEBARTOLO to 72727.


QR codes

A Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional bar-code that can be scanned by a phone’s camera to return important information back to the phone. For instance if can generate unlimited QR codes from your mobile marketing dashboard, print them on signs, table toppers, etc. These QR code images will be scanned by people and that QR code will display videos, mobile websites, sign up forms, social media like Facebook and Twitter and more.


Mobile coupons

Still publishing coupons in news papers and coupons books? Not getting the return on your investment? Want to improve your return? Use the coupon feature in your mobile dashboard. It’s really easy to do, just create a text blast, upload your coupon, and send out to your audience. You can also advertise a specific keyword and automatically respond with the coupon. Now the coupon can be redeemed by just showing the text. Another advantage of mobile coupons is you can forward to others very easily making very fast and viral.


2-way texting

2-way texting is a feature that allow someone to respond to a text blast with an actual response. As an example you may want to collect a few thousand email addresses from your mobile database. You can send a blast and ask your database of people to respond with their email address.



Text to Screen campaigns allow users to participate in an interactive format. Once they have opted in, they may post questions or comments which are compiled in a thread and formatted to be projected at an event. For instance a church congregation could be asked by the church leaders to text in and respond to a question like “what is your favorite bible verse?”. The responses (moderated) can be projected on big screens directly from your computer. It’s just that easy!



Data is key to the success of any great marketing campaign which is why every campaign comes with online real time reports. Track your incoming and outgoing messages, see trends in the size of your contact list and more. Every facet of the mobile marketing dashboard and it’s features offer reports. Reports including real time billing information to keyword campaigns and carrier reports to voting and polling results. Every type of reports is not only visual in graphs live on your screen, but also downloadable for Excel or Images.


The facts: 97% open rate and 25% response! No other form of marketing can offer anything even close to these numbers. With the current generation of mobile technology, having a mobile phone is having the ability to do business, check email, play games, and keep up with your favorite magazine from anywhere in the world. If you want to reach your customers in today’s business environment,  you have to find a way to reach them on their mobile phones, and FindItLocal411 can help you do just that!

Whether you’re sending clients reminders about their appointments, sending a mobile coupon, or letting customers know that your new store has opened, FindItLocal411 has the mobile marketing solution for you.

Our versatile suite of mobile services allow you to easily keep track of your customers in groups, as well as keeping a record of what you sent and how successful it has been, allowing you to adapt over time.  It’s also the perfect tool to enhance your other marketing activities, connecting with your social media accounts, and directing traffic to your web site.

Bottom line: it’s a great way to connect with your customers and keep them in the loop!

Interested in creating an online web page for selecting text categories? Click here for a sample.

Our text service also work for legal firms. Integrate Lawyer Links similar to FindLawyers411.