Mobile Website Designers

Mobile Website Designers

When was the last time you looked at your website from your smart phone?  You might be surprised to learn that the layout, the graphics and the design are not showing up correctly because desktop websites were not created to be seen on a mobile device.  Websites that have not been designed with a smart phone in mind, are usually not compatible with a mobile device and will in all likelihood appear smaller than you anticipated, contain much larger images and be hard to read.

Full Service Design and Development for Mobile, Tablet and if you ask nicely, Desktop

Let’s start with a brief intro call – you know, to figure out if we’re the right fit for each other

48 hours later, you’ll receive a prototype of your custom build.

If you like what you see, we finish the project and go to launch.

YouTEXTit Mobile website designers

YouTextit mobile website designers use the latest technology and advance tools available. Our mobile websites are flashy and mobile website designersprovide tools like social media integration, custom designs and “easy touch” phone navigation.

A mobile device as about 1/8 as many pixels as a regular screen.  And since form follows function, the mobile site needs it’s own design.  The design should be simpler.  Here are just a few ways that the design of the mobile site can be designed:

  • Integrate and design easy one-column layout.
  • Use fewer graphics – save screen space and load time, but still offer videos, picture slideshows and swipe picture sliders.
  • Use simpler navigation – so there is more room for larger buttons and easier to read.